My movie page:

This page contains some movies that I like and recommend to others to watch.
  1. Flawless - Demi Moore, Michael Caine
  2. Transsiberian - Adventure, suspense. Story takes place on the Trans Siberian Railroad from Mangolia to Moscow.
  3. Constant Gardener- Based on John Le Carre’s book. Suspense, thriller, drug companies, Africa, Europe
  4. The Help
  5. Murder at 1600 - crime thriller
  6. Absolute Power - Clint Eastwood
  7. The Way - Martin Sheen. Inspiring story about a long walk (like a pilgrimage) in Europe (Italy?)
  8. City Slickers - Billy Crystal, Jack Palance
  9. The Game - Michael Douglas
-------------------------------------------August 2012--------------------------------------------------------
  1. Lilyhammer - An eight-part series. A former mafia man is relocated to this place in Norway (site of a Winter Olympics). What he does there makes an interesting story - nice winter scenery of Norway and mostly Norwaygian actors.
  2. Steve Martini-Undue Influence - A nice thriller and court drama
  3. The Artist - 2011 Oscar Winner
--------------------------------------------Sep/Oct 2012-----------------------------------------------------
  1. Seeking Justice - Nicholas Cage, Guy Pearce. Very fast moving thriller/mystery. You don’t know what is going to happen. Nicholas Cage’s wife is killed. Someone approached him to take revenge. There is a vigilante group. Cage finds himself drawn to them, but once in it is hard to get out. Good acting and plot.
  2. Out Cold - 1989. Terry Garr. Thriller with comedy. Some ‘meat’ scenes since it is about two butchers. But very engaging.
  3. Shadow of a Doubt (1995) - Mystery/Thriller - Brian Dennehey. There is another classic movie with same name with Theresa Wright and Joseph Cotten which also good. But I am writing here about the 1995 version (I think that it was made for TV). It is based on William Coughlin’s book.
  4. Snake Eyes (1998)- Nicolas Cage, Gary Sinise, John Heard. Las Vegas boxing scene - a murder and conspiracy involving some defense programs.
  5. Killer Elite - Robert De Niro (supporting cast), Jason Stathon, Clive Owen. Great action thriller. Constant action. Scenes take place in Oman, Paris and London. Rated "R". Netflix Instant movie.
  6. Atlas Shrugged Part I: Remake (2011) of the famous novel by Ayn Rand. Very well done, Atlas Shrugged Part II was released to theaters in October 2012.
  7. Atlas Shrugged Part II: Not so good as Part I. See my review in IMDb: Review of Part II
  8. A Murder of Crows (1999): Netflix Instant. Nice thriller.
  9. Escape Clause (1996): Netflix Instant. Nice Thriller.
  10. Columbus Circle (2011): Netflix Instant. Nice Thriller - When her next door neighbor is murdered, an agoraphobic Manhattan heiress who hasn't left her apartment in decades finds herself forced to deal with the detective investigating the case and the new couple who move into the dead woman's apartment.

    Last updated: Nov 16, 2012