Detroit Passport Agency

by Administrator 07/07/34

1. Detroit Passport Agency (Click here for the webpage)

We live in Kalamazoo (MI) which is almost halfway between Chicago and Detroit. So, to visit the nearest Passport agency office to apply for a passport in person, we had a choice between Chicago and Detroit. I am glad that we chose Detroit. This office does not require you to have a travel itinerary for getting the passport quickly. The website says that “you will not be admitted more than 15 minutes before the scheduled appointment time”. We got there almost one hour before our appointment time. We just went up to the second floor to check the setup. The girl at the security desk asked us “Do you want to go in?” I said, “Not yet. We have the appointment at 12:30”. She was very nice and told us that we can go in. The place was not crowded at all. The lady at the “Appointment Check-in counter” was also very friendly. She checked our papers and gave us a number. We were called in a very short time. The other lady was also very friendly. At the window, the fee schedule is clearly printed. It shows that you can even pick up the passport in person when ready or have it mailed to you either by regular mail (no charge) or by USPS Express mail ($12.72).

It was a very pleasant experience to visit this office (something you can’t say about many government offices). We received our passports in 2 days!


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